Unit One ActivActivity

Emily's Financial Challenge

In a quiet town, lived a young woman named Emily. She had dreams of pursuing higher education and starting her own business one day. However, life took an unexpected turn, and Emily found herself facing a tough financial situation.


Emily's part-time job brought in $1,200 each month after taxes.


Rent and Utilities: $600

Groceries: $150

Transportation (bus fare and occasional taxi): $100

Phone Bill: $60

Internet Connection: $50

Healthcare Expenses: $50

Student Loan Repayment: $150

Streaming: $45

Shopping Trips: $125

Going Out To Eat: $75

Remaining Balance: $1405

With expenses surpassing her income, Emily struggled to make ends meet. The shortfall left her feeling stressed and overwhelmed. On top of her financial worries, Emily's dreams of pursuing higher education and starting a business seemed farther away than ever.

Financial Dilemma:

Emily's dreams were put on hold as she struggled to cover basic expenses. She felt trapped in a cycle of debt and uncertainty, unable to see a way out.